Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Outside the Box

Sometimes it is easy to stay in my box. I like my box. It's cozy. And warm. While I am tucked away all snuggly in my box, I only have to do the things I want to do. The things that I am used to doing.  I do not have to stretch myself or do anything that makes me uncomfortable.  My box really is quite comfy.

While my box is familiar and safe, it can also get boring and confining. I really don't expect too much of myself while I reside inside my box. I don't grow while I'm in there all snuggly-buggly. I don't do anything interesting or meet new people while I'm tucked away inside my box.

So, Friday night I was browsing my social media pages and saw a post about a group meeting in my local subdivision the next morning for a 3-mile walk around the loop. Hmmm . . . they're not running, they're walking. I can walk three miles. I may even make a friend. With that, I decided to get out of my box, get up and walk to the meeting place Saturday morning and do this group-walk thing.  It was fun. And I did meet a new woman with whom I immediately hit it off.

Also, one of the other walkers is a neighbor who lives just one street over from me.  After walking 1 1/2 miles to the meeting area and then walking another 3 miles with the group, I was more than happy to accept the offer of a ride home from our neighbor.  On the way home, the neighbor invited my husband and I over to his house for a wine-tasting that same evening.

Wait. What? That's two out-of-my-box things in one day. What should I do? I know! I'll tell this neighbor I will discuss the invite with my husband and let him know.  Since, in the past, my husband has not been big on going to a party with people whom he has never met, at the house of someone he has never met, I felt I would be able to crawl back into my box and enjoy my comfort for the rest of the day.  Funny thing, though, Hubs said, "that sounds like fun."

Bye-bye box. Just when I thought it was safe to climb back inside, I get hit with, "that sounds like fun." What in the world??

So, I let the neighbor know we will be joining the party at his house that evening. When the time comes, I get ready (what does one wear to a wine-tasting at the neighbor's house?) and we walk to the neighbor's house. It's a couple of minutes after the designated time, but there are NO EXTRA CARS parked at the house. Are we the first ones there? What if nobody else shows up? Should we go to the door now or should we walk around the block once and give someone else the chance to be the first one there?  Wait! Here comes a car.

We walk up and ring the doorbell, immediately followed by the people who had just pulled up.  We went in and introduced ourselves and eventually, we met another couple with whom we both hit it off. The wife of this couple and I sat and visited most of the evening.  I hit her up to join my team for a trail relay race coming up in 9 months and she said yes. And, AND, we made plans to start training together.

She and I met up yesterday afternoon and completed Week 1, Day 1 of Couch to 5K training.  After we finished up, we made plans to meet Wednesday afternoon for Day 2.  We plan on meeting three times a week to train. Hopefully, we will run some 5K's together before the relay, maybe even a 10K or two.

Let this be a lesson to me to climb out of my box more often. Life inside my box may be predictable, comfortable, and safe, but it is also boring.  It is not until I climb out of my box and allow myself to experience unpredictability, discomfort, and a little insecurity that life starts to get interesting!

What have you done lately to get out of your box? Was it worth the effort?  Please comment and let me know!

'Til next time . . .

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