Sunday, April 7, 2019

They Do Everything Together

I recently discovered a thing called flash fiction.  It is a very short story. Short, as in as few as 100 words and usually no more than 1000. However, I found a weekly contest last week that is free to enter and has no awards, other than knowing the judge chose your story as a honorable mention or winner of the week.  This week, I entered this flash fiction contest, which requires a complete story be told in no more than 250 words. Cool thing is, my story won!  If you would like to read it, here it is. Please let me know in the comments what you think.


 “You should look at Bea and Thomas, “ Brittani speaks to her husband as she watches their elderly neighbors walking home holding hands. Bea’s short white hair blows up against her husband’s face as he leans down to gently kiss the top of her head.

“Justin! Look at them. They are so sweet. Do you think we’ll be like them when we’re that age?”

Justin glances out in time to see the couple’s exchange, “I don’t know, Brittani. Maybe.”

“Maybe we should plan more things together. I mean, Bea and Thomas . . . they do everything together,” Brittani says.

“Remember, Beatrice, the neighbors are watching,” Thomas says quietly against the top of Bea’s head.

Bea feels the rub of metal against her wrist, “Why do I have to be handcuffed to you, Thomas? After all these years, you should know I won’t go anywhere.”

“I can’t trust you, Beatrice. You remember what happened last time we went out without them?”

“You made sure I wouldn’t forget, but that was years ago.”

“Beatrice, we’re almost to the door. Once we’re inside and the door’s locked, the cuffs can come off. As usual.”

“Yes, Thomas,” Bea sighs resignedly.

Brittani closes the curtain and turns back to Justin, “Let’s promise we’ll try to be more like them, okay?”

Reaching into his pocket, Justin feels the cold metal pressing against his fingers, “Sure, Brittani. I promise.”

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